10 facts why you should bring your dogs

May 05, 2019

When we started to think about going on the adventure, we considered absolutely everything we thought. However, what we had never imagined in the picture were dogs.

And this is why traveling with dogs is awesome. Your dogs share your wanderlust and show you new ways to explore the world

 Let us introduce you to our dogs, Charley & Tessy. Charley is a nine-year-old Shitzu and Tessy a15 year old cockapoo. They came into our lives many years ago and grew up with our children. Charley is more laid back and a little scared of the big wide world but, he loves his tiny house TheLuvShk and makes himself at home.Tessy’s objective is to eat and going for car rides. So it sounds like they will be the perfect travel companions.

10 facts why you should bring your dogs

 “Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog’s face he gets mad at you? But when you take him in a car, he sticks his head out the window.” — Steve Bluestone


 1. Dogs are great company.
Any pet owner will tell you that pets in general, improve your lifestyle and happiness and making you slow down and smell the roses ( or stop every two seconds on a walk to sniff who knows what) They like to do whatever we want to do. They explore a place with us without getting tired. When we enjoy the scenery, they rest next to us and keep us warm on cold nights.



 2. Dogs help you choose where to go.
Not everywhere dogs are welcome. So make sure you do your research. Yes, it can be challenging to visit sites and areas with dogs. But remember to adapt, is  part of travelling.
You might stop on the side of the road to take your pooch for a walk and discover this fantastic little secret stop not shown on any map.
3. Dogs change your thinking of what is possible
We use to think travelling with dogs is complicated and nearly impossible on a longterm base. And of course, going with dogs is more challenging. We have to change gear and find pet-friendly restaurants pet-friendly campgrounds and activities and the odd ped-friendly hotel. But why do we think of this as a problem? Why don’t we see this as an alternative way of travelling? Once we wrapped our mind around this concept, we discovered that travelling with dogs is easy if you know the basic rules and have the right information. It is just plain fun


4. Dogs help you to connect to your fellow humans
Dogs are a great conversation starter. Dogs do not prejudge others and open up barriers. Children ask their mother if they can pet them, people ask us about their breed. Either you are shy or confident, your dog is an asset and an easy way to meet friendly locals or fellow traveller.


5. Dogs remind you to be active
Don’t understand me wrong slowing down and relaxing, there is nothing wrong with that but with dogs, they do tell you that a walk is a must no matter if it is raining, snowing or if we feel sick or just plain lazy. They motivate us to get up and move. Your dogs turn into your coach.
6. Dogs put a smile on your face each day.
Studies have shown that dogs make people happier. Any dog owner can relate to this. Watching them experience new things, waking you up in the morning, being overjoyed of your return because you returned from your 2 minutes walk to the outhouse. Sometimes when we travel we feel lonely and a bit sad for being far away from home. The dogs cheer us up with a dose of unconditional love and cuddles.
 7. Dogs are taking you off the beaten tracks.
Travelling with dogs might take you places you wouldn’t go otherwise. Exploring parks and looking for quiet parts of towns or villages to walk and explore with the dogs. The best part is they make us want to visit less famous destination and let us explore the great outdoors.
8 Dogs do love adventure
As Dave Barry said, “ dogs love to go for rides. A dog will happily get into any vehicle going anywhere” More than any other pet, dogs are always ready to go outside, smell new sents, discover new places and meet new friends. They are curious and full of adventure.


9 Dogs make you feel safe
Dogs are security guards for you and your belongings. They bark when a stranger approaches.  Big dogs are more threatening but don’t underestimate the aggressiveness of the small once. They can at least give the alarm!


10 Dogs complete your travel experience
They are both a big part of our family, and it would not feel right not to share this adventure with them.


And this is why travelling with dogs is fantastic. Your dogs share your wanderlust and show you new ways to explore the world