The big Purge or how to sell everything

May 25, 2019

In just under two weeks we will be officially nomadic, moving into our 27 foot 1967 Travco motorhome living our lives on the road travelling to South America. To turn this dream to reality, we had to sell just about everything we owned. Until fall 2018 we lived in a 3000 ft fully furnished house for the last 20 years raising our family. Last fall we decided to sell our home and downsized to a two bedroom apartment. And with 2 weeks away we again downsize to a 27 ft Motorhome.

Downsizing and selling everything and starting over sounded romantic at first, but now we are two weeks away from driving away, and we are standing in our two bedroom apartment and wonder how will we ever sell that fruit bowl in the kitchen. Reality starts to sets in, followed by a good shot of panic.

” The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”- Hans Hofmann

For many of us, selling most of our possessions is more stressful as we think. We all love our stuff, and it can be hard to let go of it and collect some extra money you need to start exploring. Our emotions and history have connections with the things we own. But once the clutter begins to clear, we begin to feel free, and our dreams become more a reality.


How to sell your stuff and hit the road

Today is the day to let go of the things that no longer serve you.- Amara Honeck, Author


 1. Be Unsentimental

Be honest to your self. When was it the last time you used the item? A lot of things we own we do not even know we have it until the day comes and we have to decide to get rid of it. It is then with great agony to find reasons to hold on to our things. To follow through with our mission, we have to be cold and ruthless. If in doubt, throw it out (  sell it, or bring it to goodwill). Now when you sell this precious item, remember the buyer has no sentimental attachment to it so when you ask for a high price, it might not be worth as much to the rest of the world.

 2. Prioritize

I’m not suggesting to sell absolutely everything you own. It is technically impossible. Your key word here is selling almost everything. Keep important momentos which genuinely means something to you and are irreplaceable but prioritize what you should keep. What do you need for your travels on the road? Remember your space is limited, and essentials are a priority to momentos.

 3. Yardsales, Online selling groups

The most common way to sell personal goods is an old fashion neighbourhood yard sale. You will be amazed by what items sell, and other things will show no interest. A yard sale is a lot of work to set up also remember to have some change on hand for the good old cash sales, which in today’s world, etransfer is the more familiar way of payment. Bartering is very common, so have some fun with it! Again remember your emotional price is not always matching with the rest of the world. Advertise your yard sale through social media or old fashion signs on the side of the road.

Another way to promote your stuff is with social media like facebook market place, Kijiji and other selling groups anywhere from 24hr bidding wars to local buy and sell sites. Make sure your descriptions are accurate and detailed. Most people will not expect brand new perfect items. So be clear if it has some damages or showing usage. Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating to deal with social media and what all comes with it but remember your end goal is to sell your stuff and travel


 3. Donations and Goodwill 

The fact is, not all your stuff can be sold. So before you opt out to throw it into the landfill, donate items to the Salvation Army or your local donation centre instead. It is like the old saying “one mans trash is another man’s treasure.”

Make sure your items are in good shape and clean — the best part about donating? -you are doing something fantastic for your fellow human.



Our final thoughts of the purge.

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor. It`s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living”. Peter Walsh

I have to say I did not think I was attached to items. But I learned in the last couple of month how much memories we made on things we own. It is funny when you look at a silly cookie plate and remember all the Christmas baking we did and happy memories we build. So this purge was bittersweet, a little sad, stressful but also very freeing and exciting — so many emotions in things we own, who had thought.

We felt lucky to give our children items, which they knew the story and shared the memory. We also felt lucky to be able to donate many items to people in need. Last but not least we are the most fortunate to be able to pull this off and are ready to hit the road with all we own in a 27 ft motorhome!.