the art of saying Good Bye

June 05, 2019



We love our friends and family and enjoy their company, which is what makes it so hard. We are afraid to leave behind the comforts of what we know and who we are when we are not close to our loved ones. Quite often, we define who we are by the people we surround ourselves. Once we leave the known for the unknown, it can feel terrifying but also free

“A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step.”-Lao Tzu

 Emotions are running high on the people who are left behind and on us. Going forward, we and our family and friends will follow different paths, and our connections to them will be weaker. It does not matter what adventure we’re having; life will continue for all the people left behind
with all its twists and surprises.


Family & Friends

I want to travel, but I can’t leave my family & friends.”

Yes, we can!


We are born to live our life and owe it to our family to make it a full and happy one. They wouldn’t want any less of us, even though it might seem like that, at times.

Of course, we will miss them, and they will miss us, but we can’t let this stop us from living our dream.

Thousands of people had done it before us and survived, and many more will do it after us. There is no greater gift we can give yourself.

The Art of saying Goodbye

“How Lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”- Winnie the Pooh



“We can’t evolve unless we embrace changes, and we can’t thrive unless we evolve”- Author unknown.

We can only live our life based on today. If things change, they change. But love and friendship never have to.

So, go ahead. Be brave. Cry and feel all the emotions of leaving and scream out loud with your whole heart:

Good Bye! Or the German way, “Auf Wiedersehen,” which means “until we meet again”!