Navajo Tacos

October 23, 2019

“The more street food we have, the more it’s embraced by every income strata, the better world we have,” – Anthony Bourdain 

Navajo fried bread with grilled mutton, corn and potato

In Kaibito, a reservation town, just outside of Page AZ, we stopped at this small food stand which had a line up of construction workers. An older Navajo lady is cooking on a wooden bbq. She had four options on her menu, but only the mutton was available to us. It was also the most expensive at $8.00. wink

She took our order and grabbed some dough and fried up some bread. She topped it with grilled mutton, corn on the cob, roasted hot pepper and potato. Then she wrapped to all up in foil and handed it to us.



Let me tell you. This taco was one of the best lunches we had for a long time. The whole experience of this little food stand with the every day people coming for a simple lunch cooked by a firm minded Navajo lady and the food was priceless! Another memory made.

Thank you!